Alternative social network “Gab” wants to implement Blockchain

The alternative social network Gab plans to collect 10 million dollars of investment capital via crowdfunding to make its platform blockchain capable, implementing Bitcoin (BTC) and the Lightning Network.The social network Gab was founded in 2016 and is notorious in the US as a “filtering bubble” for rights and “extremists” as it has no reservations about users being banned on platforms such as Twitter and Facebook for violating the Code of Conduct.

The site is mainly aimed at conservatives, nationalists, populists and other groups that do not fit into the spectrum of political discourse. The platform follows a liberal approach, which should actually address users of all stripes, who reject censorship, data abuse and political influence of the big tech companies.In this context, Gab has emphasized from the outset that cryptocurrencies are among the “three pillars” of the platform. These are freedom of expression, bitcoin and freedom.According to the description of the new crowdfunding campaign, Gab has been receiving donations in the form of bitcoin since 2016 because other payment service providers are refusing to cooperate with the controversial social network. Accordingly, Gab calls Bitcoin “Free Speech Money” because the cryptocurrency is liberal and independent.

If Gab can collect the targeted sum of 10 million US dollars, an open-source block chain should be implemented in the social network, through which everyone can connect to the platform.

In the course of this, a “freedom-oriented” web browser was introduced, which, among other things, has its own ad blocker. At the same time, the browser includes wallet functions for Bitcoin and the Lightning Network.As Gab indicates, the social network has almost 1 million registered users, mainly from the US (51%), Brazil (10%), the UK (6%), Canada (6%) and Germany (6%) put together.

However, the Gab app has been removed from Google and Apple app stores.