Binance CEO: Man hired to destroy my Bitcoin bull reputation

Binance’s CEO is known for always talking bullish about Bitcoin, even if his forecasts weren’t always right. Now the CEO has tweeted that someone has been hired to destroy his bullish statements.


CZ reveals

While Binance is getting bigger and the largest crypto exchange after the trading volume, the reputation of the exchange itself is not always the best. There could also be some rivals who are doing everything they can to make Binance look even worse. Now Binance’s CEO, Changpeng Zhao, or CZ for short, has tweeted that he has met someone whose job was to damage his reputation as a Bitcoin cop.

However, the person gave up the job after only one day. CZ meanwhile reminds the Bitcoin community that he is never bearish towards the BTC.CZ tweeted that he recently had an interview with an employee at a Chinese crypto exchange, whose job it was to disseminate the following statement on the net:

“If CZ is bullish, Bitcoin will fall.”


Anentireteam issaid tohavebeencommissioned todistributethis onsocial media. CZproudlyclaimsthatthispersonquitthejobafteronlyoneday. Headdedthattherehasneverbeen adaywhen hesawBitcoinbearish, he wasbullish allthetime.

Binance CEO: Man hired to destroy my Bitcoin bull reputation