Bitcoin 2020: Why everything is different this time

The US stock exchange company MicroStrategy takes 0.1 percent of the total Bitcoin supply off the table. A bold step that shows how far the crypto currency No. 1 has already come. When the largest listed service provider for business analytics announced at the beginning of the week that it had bought over 21,000 BTC, all hell broke loose. We are of course talking about MicroStrategy (Ticker: MSTR). The US company, which currently has a market value of 1.3 billion US dollars, announced on Monday, August 11th that it had acquired 21,454 BTC in the market. The capital for it certainly did not come from the postage. After all, the deal totaled about $ 250 million. This should make it the largest Bitcoin purchase by a publicly traded company. The media reaction was correspondingly large.The Bitcoin scene celebrates MicroStrategy like an ally. And not without good reason. After all, the corresponding press release reads like a plea for crypto currency No. 1.

The belief in Bitcoin
“This investment reflects our belief that Bitcoin, as the most widely used cryptocurrency in the world, is a reliable store of value and an attractive investment value with greater long-term appreciation potential than fiat money. […]. Bitcoin not only offers a reasonable hedge against inflation, but also the prospect of a higher return than other investments”  
Michael Saylor, CEO MicroStrategy. Source: MicroStrategy press release.