Bitcoin certificates – how can you influence in the Bitcoin course?

The Bitcoin price is extremely positive given the upcoming halving and the good situation on the crypto market and only climbed above the $ 9,700 mark again. January therefore always gave investors a joyful look into the wallet, because the Bitcoin price brought in a whopping plus of 30% in early 2020. So now is a good time to benefit from the upward trend and to indirectly earn from the rising share price of Bitcoin & Co.


Participate in the course gain with Bitcoin certificates

The solution is Bitcoin certificates, which represent the value of the US dollar 1: 1 and can either have a fixed term or have no due date. Both Bitcoin certificates are issued by Vontobel and allow participation in both the price gains and the price losses of Bitcoin against the US dollar.

The partial name via a certificate is called an indirect investment in Bitcoin. Such derivatives have also recently become available on the market for private investors. They can be purchased in addition to a securities account and offer the opportunity to benefit from price increases without having to invest in the Bitcoin itself. The digital currency BTC is ideal for banking with a Bitcoin certificate. You can either bet on short-term gains or see the investment as a long-term investment.