Brave calls on UK authorities to enforce the DSGVO against Google

The development team behind the Brave Browser believes that Google has an unfair competitive advantage due to its large amount of data. It has therefore filed a motion with the UK’s Consumer Protection Agency arguing that the UK’s failure to comply with the EU Data Protection Regulation (DSGVO) maintains this unfair advantage.


Brave stands up for consumer protection

In an interview with Cointelegraph, Dr. Johnny Ryan, Brave’s director of corporate policy, emphasizes that the application is not about the competition between Google Chrome and Brave, but about properly enforcing consumer protection laws:

“Real-time bidding is the biggest data leak in the world, sending consumers’ private information to thousands of companies.“


Rather, the application was a response to the British Cartel Office, which had recently argued that consistent enforcement of the basic data protection regulation would mean an additional advantage for Google, since the company collects massive amounts of data anyway.


Strict implementation of the DSGVO would be fair

Dr. Ryan replies, however, that instead “a consistent and strict implementation” of the DSGVO is needed, which goes far beyond real-time bidding, because the DSGVO actually prohibits a group from passing on user data to its various companies. In conclusion, Ryan therefore threatens that if the authorities do not meet their responsibilities:

“we will take them to court.”