Breezecoin: real estate-backed cryptocurrency

The construction company Breeze de Mar has been managed in the second generation for 60 years and issues the cryptocurrency Breezecoin, or BRZE, listed on 4 exchanges via Breezecoin. This has been on the market since 2018 and was launched on international stock exchanges in September 2019 at a starting price of 16 cents.

Real scope of Breezecoin
By being linked to the real world, Breezecoin differs from other cryptocurrencies. The company Breeze de Mar builds holiday properties, which makes BRZE a real asset. By selling them, the company generates profits and distributes them to Breezecoin owners through monthly payments in Breezecoin. Two projects are currently under construction in Turkey, with these being in the Kartepe ski area with 122 villas and the Kumburgaz holiday region with 212 apartments.

The shell is already finished
Attachment of livestreams, you can watch live when building the objects. The total value of these two projects is approximately $ 80 million. More projects are planned, such as in Germany. The construction of another property in Reith im Winkl will begin in early 2021. 2021 real estate projects will also start in the USA. Additional projects increase the total amount of mortgages deposited, even though the number of coins remains the same. A clear signal for a price increase in the future.