Europe has to work faster on digital euros according to Bitkom

The Bitkom association has repeatedly called for more European innovation. A new paper warns of the consequences of a lack of determination.


Digital association calls on Europe to unite crypto

In times of Corona, the European community is being put to the test in many ways. It is not only the debates and conflicting opinions on the subject of corona bonds that show the acid test the European Union is facing these days. And also with the plans for the use of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, the EU or all of Europe is facing problems. At least that’s what the German industry association Bitkom currently sees. There the experts come to the realization that Europe is at risk of falling behind in international competition. Reason enough to call the responsible authorities to unity and joint measures for a digital euro in times of crisis. A new information paper from the digital association Bitkom requires more courage and determination from the states and central banks in Europe. The experts are too slow in the joint tests to use blockchain technology and a European