Gold and money supply – Corona stops the transportation of valuables

After all precious metal dealers ceased to operate in the wake of the Corona crisis, restrictions in the online business with gold and silver are now occurring due to difficult value logistics. However, cash supply in Germany should continue to be ensured.


Value transports restricted

The corona crisis is having an increasing impact on gold and silver trading in Germany. Retailers were informed by their value transport service providers that temporarily deliveries to private customers are no longer possible if the total value of the order is more than 25,000 euros. Pro Aurum had informed its customers on Friday that Prosegur, a value logistics company, had taken appropriate measures. Degussa Goldhandel and the Frankfurt-based provider Ophirum also reported corresponding restrictions in the shipping of goods.


Storage on site

While Pro Aurum closed its online shop from March 23-25 to process the large number of existing orders, the other providers mentioned are continuing to sell online for the time being. The gold traders offer their customers to temporarily store the goods they have ordered in their high-security safes until the precious metal can usually be shipped again by value transport.