Gold expert Bußler: “Something is brewing”

Another volatile week is coming to an end in the gold price. After the slump on Wednesday following the Fed Minutes, the gold price recovered slightly on Thursday. Nevertheless, overriding remains intact for the time being in the consolidation. “Don’t get lost too much in the small and small of day-to-day business, keep an eye on the big picture,” advises Markus Bußler. The consolidation could well keep the gold price busy for a few more days. However, the price for the precious metal should no longer fall below last week’s low. Overall, the upward trend remains intact. “Gold remains on course, reaching prices of 2,200 to 2,300 dollars in the current year,” says Markus Bußler. Then a somewhat longer consolidation is definitely conceivable.

Forced change of government
As part of the individual shares, this time, among other things, B2Gold. In Mali there was a forced change of government. The borders are tight and the companies that operate one or more mines in Mali have in some cases lost significantly on the stock exchange. Even if it is difficult to make political forecasts, this is likely to be a temporary factor. Courageous investors could take advantage of such weak phases. The boundaries are more likely to stay for days or weeks rather than months. A state can no longer afford that nowadays. In addition, it is also about Barrick Gold. The rally after Buffett’s entry has now put the paper in a good starting position for a breakout again. If it succeeds, it should attract more buyers.