Gold will be the new cash | Thoughts and solutions by Harald Seiz

Cash is in danger, inflation could completely wipe out its value or – as already discussed – it will be abolished sooner or later. Harald Seiz, founder and CEO of the Karatbars, puts the facts on the table and does not mince words about the current situation. His vision is a monetary system unaffected by crises and disasters, political decisions and wars. According to Harald Seiz, there is only one really safe and stable option: Gold. Based on his expertise and his own philosophy, Harald Seiz and his company have launched gold in the smallest denominations and ensured that the precious metal is not only appealing to investors, but also for paying for products and services.


State money systems fail at regular intervals, as the history of money has shown many times. In all crisis situations, only one “currency” remained stable and that was gold, which became the currency whenever conventional money lost value. Harald Seiz is of the firm opinion that history repeats itself and that even our monetary system is no solution for the future. It is a debt money system with no real countervalue, says Harald Seiz, referring to the gold status of state currencies, which was abolished some time ago.

What is Harald Seiz’s approach based on?

Harald Seiz is not only CEO of Karatbars, but also an author of books. The development of gold as a means of payment is based on his knowledge of the current situation as well as on the historical development of money, which Harald Seiz has specialized in for many years. The founder of Karatbars was not born with in inherent interest in the financial market, but was passionate about money systems and their problems from an early age. Visionary Harald Seiz has noticed that the population has long since lost confidence in banks and has serious concerns about their money. For many years Harald Seiz has been observing the flight from the conventional financial market and recognizes very clearly that everyone is looking for a safe haven and means of liquidity. The development of new means of payment with gold and in the digital sector was just as close to Harald Seiz’s heart as the publication of his thoughts, which he had written documented in the five books that he has published so far.

Harald Seiz – The man behind Karatbars

Harald Seiz is known beyond the borders of Germany and is committed to the goal of introducing gold as the only secure crisis currency in all 194 countries as a liquidity reserve and as a valid means of payment. There is a lot of interest and Harald Seiz gets undivided attention when he talks about Cashgold or the GoldCard. The visionary sees the global supply of all people with the smallest denominations of gold as the only correct and permanently important solution for a cross-national currency. Pure investment gold is unsuitable as a means of payment, as the denomination is too large and it is therefore hardly possible to exchange it for goods. Harald Seiz presents innovative and stable alternatives to the debt money system.