Hacker gives DeFi platform Lendf.Me Crypto back he stole

After the DeFi platform Lendf.Me was cleared out by a hacker and relieved of crypto assets worth around $ 25 million, investors can now breathe again. Around 25 million US dollars were captured by the DeFi platform Lendf.Me in a hack on April 19. According to official information, the attacker used a vulnerability in the ERC-777 token standard. From there, a reentry attack was launched in which a manipulated smart contract triggered a callback mechanism.In this way, the tokens could be withdrawn from the platform faster than was registered in the official balance sheet. The lion’s share of the loot, at just under $ 10 million, went to WETH, a tokenized form of ether (ETH). Around four million US dollars were stolen in the form of HBTC and the BTC, a tokenized form of Bitcoin (BTC). The remaining amount is divided among various stable coins, especially Tether (USDT).


Lendf.Me gives the all-clear

However, it appears that investors get away with a black eye after a brief start. The attacker is said to have transferred the entire amount back to Lendf.Me in the meantime. Sergei Kunz, CEO of the crypto trading platform 1inch.exchange, told TheBlock that the exchange received a request from the Singapore police to disclose the attacker’s IP data and to assist dForce in recovering the stolen funds.