Hackers blackmail Torrance with a demand of 100 Bitcoin (BTC)

Hackers have stolen important data from the Californian city of Torrance and are now demanding a ransom of 100 Bitcoin (BTC), which currently corresponds to around $ 750,000.The California city of Torrance, part of the Los Angeles metropolitan area, has been the victim of a hacker attack and subsequent Bitcoin (BTC) extortion. As the news site StateScoop reported, over 200 gigabytes of data could be stolen. Now the criminals are demanding 100 BTC (currently equivalent to about $ 750,000).


Bitcoin (BTC) blackmailers have personal information about residents

City officials initially claimed that no personal information had been stolen from the approximately 145,000 city residents, but the hackers refuted this claim:The criminals behind the ransomware called “DoppelPaymer” have started to publish documents stolen from Torrance both on a public website and in darknet forums.This data included personal names, dates of birth, social security numbers and other personal information, as well as 181 pages of financial transactions from the 2019 fiscal year.Cyber security expert Brett Callow told StateScoop that victims should be informed more quickly after such an attack:“People should find out directly from the [hacked] organizations when their details have been disclosed, rather than when they see a credit card statement that they never requested. That is why immediate notification is crucial ”.