Harald Seiz, “Gold should be something anyone can afford.”

Political decisions, the collapse of national currencies and the risk of inflation as well as the abolition of cash have an influence on the financial markets that should not be underestimated. When currencies crash, large banks such as Lehmann Brothers are on the verge of collapse, and crises around the world cause a depreciation of valid currencies, Harald Seiz observes a stable anchor in the otherwise volatile monetary system. “Gold is a means of payment of the future“, explains Harald Seiz and has therefore concentrated with his company Karatbars International GmbH on the development and release of fine gold in small denominations. A second foundation of the financial market of the future are cryptocurrencies, adds Harald Seiz, and already sees a great advantage in the digitalization of transactions.

Future of Money Karatbars

Harald Seiz – CEO of Karatbars, book author and gold expert

Even at a young age, the current CEO of Karatbars and author of five books, reflected on the financial market and its future, on the risks of state currencies. Harald Seiz openly advocates gold and in so doing appeals to the value stability of the precious metal in the past. “Whereas state currency systems fail and resurface at regular intervals, gold is stable and is not subject to the dangers of inflation.” Harald Seiz wants to make gold available to everyone, outside the realm of the investment world and the large denominations issued today by banks and precious metal traders. With Cashgold and the GoldCard, Harald Seiz shows how practical gold is as a means of payment backed by physical value and which advantages arise for the owner of gold. Harald Seiz has recorded his findings and his approach in various books, thus creating a guideline that motivates people to rethink and views today’s financial system from the outside – objectively and based on facts. Our conventional monetary system is influenced by political decisions, by wars and crises around the world, and by a wide range of other factors. Gold eliminates these risks and is not only a safe haven in times of crisis but also a source of liquidity, which is more important than ever before.

For some years now, there has been an unstoppable trend towards investing in tangible assets, where gold is a focal point for many. Harald Seiz refers in this context to the integrity of gold in terms of forgery protection and states that this very characteristic of the precious metal is also the best prerequisite for a globally valid and value-stable means of payment.

The future is digital and material value-based

With Karatbars International, CEO Harald Seiz has achieved great success all over the world. This is not least due to the fact that Harald Seiz concentrates on two important pillars of the future financial industry and can plausibly justify his focus. When you read Harald Seiz’s books, you will see the benefits of Harald Seiz’s business model as well as his message. Harald Seiz is a visionary, uniting the tried and tested with innovations, thus ensuring a combination of a safe haven and unlimited liquidity at all times. Harald Seiz knows that the world is on the brink of upheaval, and in this context he addresses the perspective on debt currencies. There are many ways to hedge the future, but gold and digital currencies are the only ones that will endure.