Italian bank starts a new Bitcoin trading service in hard times

Trading cryptocurrencies is becoming increasingly interesting even for laypeople. That is why the Italian “Banca Sella” has recently been offering a new platform that enables trading in Bitcoin. Especially in times of crisis, this should make it easier to participate in Bitcoin trading worldwide. The so-called “hype platform” offers security and an uncomplicated application.


The platform: hype

1.2 million Italians are already using the new platform for their transactions. And in the future, it should not just be bitcoin trading – customers will also be able to use the hype to buy goods and pay for services in the future.The general director of the hype platform, A. Valitutti, said in an interview that the market for Bitcoin in particular arouses great interest among its customers, who are generally young and educated and who manage their money everyday via the Internet and want to use and wish to have access to the world of cryptocurrencies.


Blockchain: Schools in Italy use it for awarding diplomas

In Italy, interest in blockchain is currently also increasing strongly. This should make it possible to reliably verify diplomas and individual work and prevent fraud and counterfeiting. Two high schools have already confirmed the use of blockchain.

Since fraud, counterfeiting and plagiarism can be found particularly in the education system today, universities and colleges are now using blockchain to make this impossible. The German University of St. Gallen uses this technology, for example, to combat counterfeiting. Central data, such as names, are stored unchangeably.