Max Keizer sees Bitcoin “heading for a six-figure amount”

In several tweets, the famous Keizer Report host on July 27 predicted that the BTC / USD pair would hit the six-digit range after a correction period of around $ 30,000.


Peter Schiff “vomits the brain out of the body”

Keizer made his forecast when Bitcoin surprisingly climbed over $ 11,200 throughout the day. Data shows that this five-digit increase in 2020 was more robust than others.”$ 28,000 is possible, then there is a pullback. And then we are heading for a six-figure amount,” summarized Keizer. Keizer, known for his optimism and strong predilection for the BTC against other cryptocurrencies, also gave a swipe to the gold pendant Peter Schiff. Schiff, who was pleased that gold had hit an all-time high against the US dollar, had previously downplayed the rise in bitcoin.

“Bitcoin is now all or nothing. It must now hold $ 10,000,” he said in a discussion with Morgan Creek co-founder Anthony Pompliano on his YouTube channel on Sunday.


Analyst: BTC course becomes “very interesting”

Gold is one of the assets amid a boom in safe havens that is developing impressively as the US dollar weakens. Another huge stimulus package from the US Federal Reserve, which is steadily increasing the supply of money, has created uncertainty among investors in connection with geopolitical tensions and the ongoing outbreak of the corona virus. At press time, the BTC / USD pair was $ 10,730 after briefly hitting $ 11,380 overnight. It would be a turning point for Bitcoin if only slightly lower levels would become support as he had met with violent resistance at $ 10,500 previously.