Number of bitcoin wallets with more than one bitcoin reaches new all-time high

The all-time high of Bitcoin seems to be taking longer, but it can be seen that there are a lot of people who still firmly believe in Bitcoin, which also shows the increasing number of addresses that contain more than 1 Bitcoin. This fact shows that although the market remains very shaky, market participants continue to increase their number of Bitcoin.


Bitcoin wallets achieved with more than one BTC

There are now almost 800,000 addresses that own an entire Bitcoin and beyond, which is a new all-time high, despite the recent volatility.Bitcoin has been very volatile this year, at the beginning of the year the BTC managed to climb to $ 10,400 and due to the overall condition of all markets, it even fell below $ 4,000. The price is currently around 6,600 USD. Many analysts believe that the recent Fed inflows have at least temporarily benefited the markets. For many, however, Bitcoin should show its strength right now, in a world in which seemingly endless amounts of money are printed.One-chain data shows that this strong volatility has hardly scared off the majority of Bitcoin investors, showing the number of wallets with more than 1 Bitcoin at a new all-time high.


On March 25, Glassnode Alerts reported that a total of 797,073 wallets have a level of more than 1 Bitcoin.