Saxo Bank at the Top with 4000$ for gold?

The gold price was again strong yesterday. The mining stocks also followed suit. Particularly pleasing: The GDX has surpassed the top of 2016 and once again delivers a strong buy signal. Silver also managed to turn positive over the course of the day. And bit by bit, analysts are becoming more courageous about the gold price. Bank of America had already caused a stir with a study that gold could rise to $ 3,000.In the coming months, investors would first have to estimate the overall impact of the central bank measures. “From a gold investment perspective, it’s not really what is going to happen today or tomorrow or next month, but what is ahead of us in six to twelve months and beyond,” he said.


Negative Factors

The negative factors are, for example, the slump in oil prices that limit inflationary pressures. But the future for the gold price is very splendid as the central bank measures that Inflation fears are likely to rekindle, expecting the gold price to reach a new all-time high in 2021 and then seeing gold on the way to its long-term price target of $ 4,000.The arguments are correct. The question seems rather which way the price of gold will take.