The future of money – Harald Seiz addresses a global issue

The present and especially the future of money are volatile. A look at the past shows how unstable and dangerous debt currencies are without any material value standard behind money. That cannot be the future of money, says Harald Seiz and has dedicated an entire book to this approach. In “The Future of Money” the Karatbars International founder and CEO talks about the current financial problems, the uncertainty in the population and the future risks. Without necessity and plausible justification the cash is in question and hot discussions around its abolishment ignite. How dependent the individual citizen without money in his pocket is on the goodwill of the government and the corporations is discussed in the book. “If we trust in the state alone and look naively into the future of money, the thunderclap will strike and lead to cold expropriation overnight. The foundation stone for this has already been laid,” notes Harald Seiz and talks in his book about external influences and their impact on our conventional monetary system.


Fears about the future of money are not unfounded

At first glance, it seems surprising why the population is afraid of the future despite economic growth, peace and apparent security. But security is only an illusion, says Harald Seiz, justifying his thesis by the many external influences on the financial system. At any time a political decision can lead to inflation, devalue a state currency completely and impoverish the population. The abolition of cash leads to a dependency from which every citizen can protect himself. 
In some countries the restriction of cash availability has long been a reality. In India, for example, 86 percent of the cash in circulation has been withdrawn from circulation. Scandinavia is also an example of predominantly cashless money transactions and thus of the uncertainty of the population when it comes to their liquidity and prospects for the future of money. Another factor that should not be underestimated is the influence of all economic and political decisions on the monetary value and continued existence of a national currency. Harald Seiz sees the future of money in a combination of digital performance, explicitly on crypto currencies and on gold. In his book “Die Zukunft des Geldes” (The Future of Money), he describes not only the changes we face, but also various scenarios that could influence the future of money and lie within the realm of possibilities.


Is the future of money in danger?

This question is not only asked by people in Germany. Even if our country, as a stable and growing economic nation, should have no concern about the future of money, the reality is different. The book “Die Zukunft des Geldes” (The Future of Money) encourages reflection and is a set of rules for people who want to make decisions in the present and achieve security for their own future. Who relies purely on Fiat money and the promise of the redemption of national currencies, takes a high risk. The future of money will put new perspectives on the agenda and, for example, ascribe excessive importance to gold as a currency.