Will the BTC course soon support $ 8,500?

The BTC price is currently around $ 9,600 and has been moving sideways between $ 10,000 and $ 8,500 for almost 3 weeks. This has become very quiet for the number 1 in the crypto market in the last few days. Is that the calm before the storm?


Will the BTC course be testing support soon?

There are two who care that we take care of hearing with a course drop. For one thing, the Bitcoin price belongs to a certain resistance line that has dropped to the formation of the two small tops. On the other hand, the first top has significantly more volume than the second. This must be an indication that the bull is slowly but surely running out of steam on the market.Here, however, first the signal line through becoming, the perception through the consolidation of the existing. If this is going to be the signal line down through, then it should be noted whether that becomes volume at volume. This is an indication that we are dealing with a more open drop in price, possibly taking the Bitcoin rate among those said to be around $ 8,500.